“who want drink milk for Free,My Chest Contains More Than 48 Litres Of Milk” – Lady Stir Reactions On Social Media

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Instagram is quickly evolving into the hub for young women with dubious morals who blatantly exhibit their delicate body parts to grow their followings.

Meet the well-known Instagram model with the ridiculously large thighs. According to reports, the circumference of each thigh is 40 inches.

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Couple Caught Having Fun On The High Way in Broad daylight

A reckless driver was caught on tape having s*x with a woman while operating a vehicle on a busy Moscow highway.

The man was putting both his and his partner’s lives in danger by driving his Hyundai at 45 mph on a highway.

Another motorist on the road captured the horrifying event on camera, and the Mash public group shared it on a significant Russian social network.

This person, they said, “is a real Caesar.” He is driving his car and having s*x while doing other things at once.

“All we can do is pray that this reckless couple did not violate any traffic laws. We advise against doing it again.

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