“Grace Found me,Today my dream came true– Lady who bursts into tears after meeting actress Toyin Abraham speaks

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Adeola Awokoya, a Nigerian woman who sobs after first meeting Toyin Abraham, a well-known actress, for the first time, finally talks while expressing her uttermost excitement.

Recall that a few hours ago, Intel Region reported that a middle-aged woman who has been a devoted follower of the actress since she was a child sobs uncontrollably when she meets Toyin Abraham, the owner of the movie, at the Ijakumo ticketing counter.

Adeola receives affection in return from the actress, who converses with her and gives her hugs in a setting that radiates only good vibes. According to Toyin Abraham, meeting the overly enthusiastic fan was one of the most memorable experiences of her career as an actress.

Reacting via comment section of Toyin Abraham, Adeola said that her dream of meeting Toyin Abraham has finally come through as she noted that she grew up watching her movie.

He added that  Grace has found her as she now transformed from nobody on the street of Instagram to somebody. 

While giving thanks to God, Adeola uttered that from now on anywhere Toyin Abraham goes she will always follow her.

She wrote, “I saw my worldbest today, IRUMOLE, IJAYYAAA GBOGBO NOLLYWOOD, COMPLETE BUFFET FUN AWON TEBI NPA, OMOWALOWO, OMOWAKOLE, OMOWASHORIRE, OWO WA DI STAR, GBABIMAGBABEYEN, GBABEMAGBABI, IYAAAYA GBOGBO NOLLYWOOD! Content idea fun gbogbo content creator, ONIDUROMI , thank you for making my dreams come true! Forever, and forever, you remain my worldbest thank you grace grace grace this is my story!!! Fam, appreciate this woman for me! I don’t deserve this love

Today, my dream came true! I saw the woman I grew up watching, grew up loving, grew up looking up too. I remembered the day I saw IKUDORO poster, I was small, I stood for over 30mins, looking at the poster and crying! Dec 31st last year, I dreamt I was in your house, talking like a family
But because that wasn’t the first or 10th time, I didn’t take it seriously, Who would have thought my dream was going to come true a week after, You made my year
Thank you for this privilege. I honestly do not deserve OBAA, you’re real!
You’re real! I’m happy I saw the woman I have always loved.

Thank you
Gold and silver, I don’t have but my prayer for you this year is that GOD WILL GIVE YOU TESTIMONIES THAT CAN NEVER BE HIDDEN!

God will restore the years the locust have eaten!

Thank you OBAA, myself and my family are grateful!

Eshe oo



I’m grateful

Finally, I sat with THE KING .

“Grace grace grace this is my story!!! Toyin found me! Grace found me! From nobody on the street of Instagram to somebody, I sat with the KING! I’m grateful. Anywhere you go OBA, I’ll follow.”

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