Real Reason Why Even Shooting With Dustbin in Nigeria is Challenge – Sabinus Spill

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Nigerian comedian, media personality, and sketch creator One of the most well-known names in the Nigerian skit-making profession is Sabinus, better known as Mr. Funny. Millions of people have watched Sabinus’ sketches, and as a result, he has been able to earn numerous accolades and land a number of lucrative business opportunities.

In an interview with MTV Base, the sketch creator went into more detail about his background, his favorite comedians, his sources of inspiration, and the difficulties he encounters in his line of work. Here are Sabinus’ comments on each of these subjects.

“How exactly did you get into comedy or skitmaking?”

SABINUS: I did not get into comedy though comedy is in me. It’s natural so it just got to a point where I just felt like omo, make I hustle. Book no dey work. What I studied did not work for me, so let me try my second option which is making people laugh. So I had to bring up what’s inside me and it’s working today.

“Your career has just been ascending and ascending but for you, what do you think the turning point was in your career?”

SABINUS: For me I will say the turning point was more my awards. Winning so many awards in this field. Getting recognized is not easy, I must say that. It’s not easy. It’s very different when you are doing something, you’re not recognized and you’re just doing it and nothing. So being recognized is something that I will say I really appreciate.

“So as Mr. Funny, who makes you laugh? Who do you find funny?”

SABINUS: Uhmmm, Charles Inojie, Mr. Ibu, Osoufia, those guys are funny and natural.

“Where do you pull inspiration from?”

SABINUS: I will say inspiration is more from environment. Yes. Cuz I do more of my shooting in Port Harcourt. I hardly shoot in Lagos. Because the environment in Port Harcourt. Lagos is, how do I say it, Lagos is just everybody is going to work. Somebody is carrying his cement, this one is carrying his shovel, nobody has your time.

“What are the challenges of filming skits?”

SABINUS: Mehn, it’s not easy. First of all, one of the challenge, every single skitmaker will say this is the truth. When you put up a camera trying to shoot, and some boys will come out, “Ah, you will pay for this, you will pay for that!” [Landlords] no be small. The one that shocked me one day, I was trying to use a dustbin to shoot, someone said they’re in charge of the dustbin. Dustbin too? Ah ah!

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