Purity, stop this nonsense – Mercy Johnson says as she angry her daughter over act (Video)

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Mercy Johnson Okojie, a well-known Nollywood actress, recently uploaded a humorous video of her and her daughters.

The movie diva could be seen in the clip carrying her last child when Purity, her first daughter, perpetrated a crude prank on her.

Mercy Johnson was duped by her daughter Purity, who employed a filter that makes people’s faces look like that of “apes.”

Mercy Johnson and her final child foolishly flashed their faces at the camera, which caused them to receive a strange look, in contrast to Purity, who concealed her face as she passed the camera knowing full well what she had done.

Mercy Johnson in reaction mildly spanked her daughter on the shoulder due to this.

Captioning the video, the mother of four wrote:

“Someone tell Purity to stop this nonsense”


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