Popular Nigerian Entertainer, Soundcraft Set To Divorce His Wife After Finding Out He Is Not The Biological Father Of Their Two Children

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After learning that his wife’s two children were not his biological children, popular Nigerian Highlife artist Soundcraft pondered divorcing his wife.

After his wife admitted that he is not their sons’ biological father, the entertainer rushed to his Facebook account to denounce the paternity fraud.

Additionally, Soundcraft discovered that his wife had preserved the name of her boyfriend as “Pastor’s wife” to prevent him from suspecting extramarital activities.

According to the Akwa Ibom Live-Band singer, his wife stated that she will be taking the children back to their real father. Soundcraft shared screenshots of his wife’s chat with the man which suggested that they were often intimate.

He wrote: “Woow Just to come to realized that I’m not the biological father of this kids.. Mandu The Nsit Atai woman said this to my face this morning infront of my kids that I’m not their biological father that she’s taking them to their real father. Neighbors around were so shocked to hear her vomit such words

ME:- so all this while I have been suffering in vain chai. F-GENDERN NormallyI wouldn’t have bring this here but I’m doing this publicly based on my popularity because if you see this kids suffering tomorrow, nobody should blame me because I know she can’t take the responsibilities I was taking. Only their school fees is N202k (I have backed off) Fear NSIT ATAI WOMEN

Not even my de*th mother that will tell me to bring down that post. So it either you avoid the post or read and pass afteral she said it infront of those kids and the kids were shocked with tears when they heard her said I’m not their father.

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