Check out 7 Most Controversial And Cr*zy Looks of 2022 (Photos)

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MERRY NEW YEAR! Greetings on this wonderful new year. I send your way all the good fortune and splendor this earth has to offer. Your year will be filled with joy and wonderful news from all over. Greetings from 2023!

As a result, I usually post my Fashion Fail Sundays on Sundays, which you all seem to really enjoy, so I’ll try to do more of this year if you regularly follow my page (thank you if you do). We will begin by listing the seven most contentious fashion trends of 2022 now. Looks that were either over the top, generated a lot of debate, or were simply “too much.”

  1. Ayra Starr
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Ayra Starr’s short skirts last year were by far some of the most talked about things as far as fashion goes. It seemed that event after event, Ayra’s skirts got shorter and shorter. Her short skirts were the subject of many memes, many jokes, many tweets, and the subject of many conversations.

screenshot 20230108 0653051497400951356617555
  1. Maureen Esisi
screenshot 20230108 0652491478804596668708655

Business woman, Maureen Esisi who is most popularly known for being the ex wife of Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu, turned a lot of heads when she uploaded a video of herself wearing a very revealing outfit that showcased her breasts, stomach, and left very little to the imagination. She captioned the video “Ashewo season” and that video garnered a lot of reactions from Nigerians who slammed her outfit calling it “classless” and “too much”.

3. Toyin Lawani

screenshot 20230108 0656036189599287751729802

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) that held last year saw two looks that really caused a lot of conversation and controversy online. One of those looks was the outfit won by fashion designer Toyin Lawani which showcased a bullhead on the front. The outfit was called a lot of things from “scary” to “demonic” and definitely caused quite a lot of conversation online.

4. Tems

screenshot 20230108 0655516680919141568071552

Tems’ outfit to the BET Awards last year was a very polarizing look. On the one hand, me and a lot of people thought she looked dazzling in the long slit black gown, but a lot of other people thought that the outfit was “too much” and “too revealing” of Tems. People thought that the look showed way too much of Tems’ breasts and legs and was too “sexy”. It was definitely one of the most talked about looks of last year.

5. Burna Boy

screenshot 20230108 0655258967634531630406353

It wasn’t only women’s outfits that got bashed this year. When singer Burna Boy took to the stage wearing this white crop top and blue jeans, many people heavily clowned him saying that “he thought he was Ayra Starr”. The outfit had so many jokes made about it and the jokes just kept on going. It was definitely an outfit worth talking about.

screenshot 20230108 0655084244293472619887424

6. Angel Smith

screenshot 20230108 0654537704445546178875928

Big Brother Naija alumni Angel Smith at the top of last year definitely got eyes popping when she went out wearing a gown that showcased her boobs, legs, and body, and leaves not much to the imagination. She said when posting the picture “Everyone her is just looking at me like. Lmfaooo. They ain’t never seen a baddie”. The outfit definitely caused as much of a stir online as it did offline as this look was heavily criticized and bashed for being way too much.

7. Ifu Ennada

screenshot 20230108 0654398091746889197680969

A list of 2022 Nigerian looks will not be complete without mentioning the look that caused the most conversation last year: Ifu Ennada’s outfit to the AMVCAs. From the statement made by Ifu about it to the amount of dragging she got for not just the outfit, but also the statement, this outfit was the topic of conversation moreso than any other specific outfit last year.

What did you think about these looks, and what outfit did you think was the most controversial of 2022?

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