“She is one of my strongest backbone, I don’t deserve her ” Bimbo Ademoye breaks down in tears as she speaks on her friendship with Bisola Aiyeola (Video)

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Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye cried openly when discussing her friendship with Bisola Aiyeola, a coworker.

Bimbo talked candidly about how helpful Bisola Aiyeola has been to her in a sit-down interview with YouTuber Hawa Magaji.

She referred to the reality star as her pillar of support and referred to the Big Brother alum as a friend that everyone ought to have. She claims that Bisola is her pillar of support and that she turns to her sister first when she is in trouble.

Bimbo sobbed profusely and insisted that she had no idea what she had done to merit a buddy like Bisola.

“Bisola is a friend that everyone should have. She is one of my strongest backbone. If I don’t call my sister, I will call Bisola. She has taken it upon herself to always be there for me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve that girl”.

Bimbo Ademoye sheds tears as she celebrates Bisola Aiyeola’s birthday
For Bisola Aiyeola’s 36tb birthday last year, Bimbo Ademoye had penned down a heartwarming tribute to her colleague.

Taking to her Instagram page, Bimbo Ademoye revealed she had no idea why she was tearing up while celebrating Bisola Aiyeola on her birthday.

Bimbo Ademoye said her colleague Bisola Aiyeola had fought and stood for her that it still seemed like she was close to her even when she was far.

The fast-rising actress also described Bisola Aiyeola as her small mommy, disciplinarian, most hardworking queen, loyal to a fault and everything to her.

In her words: My Sister! My sister ! Oh my sister ! I’m so blessed to call you that . I have no idea why I’m tearing up , maybe it’s because of who you are to me , what you’ve done for me , what you are doing for me . You have fought for me , you have stood by me, even when you’re far away you’re still near , oko miiiii , you made that phrase so special to me .

My small mommy , my disciplinarian, mama leilei, the most hardworking queen I know , my bestest friend , loyal to a fault , if I don’t rock with you , she not rocking with you . When I cry she tries to stay strong so I can lean in her shoulder , sister shola , words can NEVER EVER BE ENOUGH .

You’re everything to me. What we share ,I would never trade for ANYTHING in this world or the world after . I love you , I LOVE you oh and I LOVE YOU SOME MORE. Thank you for existing . Thank you for being my sister . You’re my precious jewel . Happy birthday sister sholly”.

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