See Why I Really Love Davido So Much – Bella Shmurda Spill

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Nigerian musician Bella Shmurda was the latest guest on #WithChude and just like always, Bella had a lot to say about a lot of things. During his latest interview, he opened up about streaming farms, how capitalist the music industry has become, and about his love for Davido.

Here is what Bella Shmurda said.

“What is your perspective about streaming farms and are you a farmer?”

BELLA SHMURDA: We have always known. That’s just the truth! We have always known. But you know, we all have different perspectives. Some people just wan blow. Some people just wan see their song for number 1, make them dey jolly. So I’ve always known about that, it’s not a new thing. Me, I’m not a farmer.

Go and check my streams. I’ve never been. I’m not a farmer. Another thing is when I heard my team talking about it, it’s so tempting, because normally your song will have visibility, people go see am. But the backend, it’s not even getting back. You’re just on number 1, your pocket is dry. It’s not reflecting it. And that’s the funniest part of this thing. I’m almost a billion streams without stream farming, I’m a big man na.

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This music has been capitalized. It’s a capitalist market now. Na person wey get money now fit actually blow and maintain. Fine, grace fit blow you but if that money no dey. Influencers don dey collect N500,000, N600,000, just to dance for you. How many people you wan pay 600k? Imagine if I no get anything and my song is good, how do you expect me to move?

“I saw you with your other colleagues at the 30BG concert to support Davido. That was amazing.”

BELLA SHMURDA: Yeah, David has always been there. He is someone that is accommodating. For me, I have to return something. I don’t have money to give him. Nothing wey I wan buy David wey new. But the fact say fans, I am a fan too. I gast go. As an artiste fan, I gast even perform, you understand. So it’s just like like you know, giving back. I was on David’s album, A Better Time, yeah? He just put me. He just said Bella come, and I did the song, he liked it. “You will be on the album,” I think say him dey whine me. Until the song come out. And I was there. And aside from that, he has been seeing me, he has been recognizing me. Even when I was not much of Bella Shmurda. If he sees me, “oh no be that boy be that, come here, make una give am Azul. Make una give am drink”. You know that kind of thing, it’s just — normally me gan, I no get the money to buy the Azul, you come call me. I go sit down for there! [laughs] Omo, I no dey go anywhere. You understand. Shout out to him. He has been supportive in different ways.

What do you think about what Bella Shmurda said about streaming farms, and about Davido? 

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