Popular Comedian Kiekie Celebrates 3rd Wedding Anniversary With Husband

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One of Nigeria’s most well-known comedians, kiekie, celebrated both her baby’s Thanksgiving and her third wedding anniversary in style. She posted videos and photographs of the events on her official Instagram page.

Check out some of the photographs Kie kie shared online after announcing the birth of her first kid in November 2022. A few months later, she made the decision to celebrate the baby’s Thanksgiving together with her third wedding anniversary.

She donned a pink traditional costume with a pink shoe to match, gorgeous cosmetics to complement her skin, and pretty jewelry to get a fully exquisite look in the photographs she provided. She looked glowing and beautiful.

She accompanied these stunning photos with a nice statement thanking God and expressing her joy at being present for such an unforgettable day in her life.

She is an accomplished television personality, model, content producer, and fashion icon from Ibadan, Nigeria. Bukunmi Adeaga-illori is married to Mr. Ilori, although she wishes to keep their relationship private.

She is an entrepreneur headquartered in Lagos as well as a brand and social media influencer with millions of followers online.

Kiekie is characterized as a stunning, talented craftswoman with a jovial and endearing disposition

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