I Fit Knack For 24hrs, I’m Always In The Mood When Ever I’m With A Guy – BBN Star Chomzy Reveal(Video)

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Chomzy, a former Big Brother Naija reality star, has provoked outrage on social media by saying she’s always up for s3x.

Chomzy recently made headlines on a number of media after graduating in grand style from Imo State University.

She apparently earned a political science bachelor’s degree from a prominent university.

In the latest post shared on her story, Chomzy disclosed that she can have s3x the whole day without getting tired. According to her, she is always in the mood to have sex when she is in a relationship.

She wrote, “My s3x drive is high as hell. If we dating and you wonder if I’m in the mood, I am. I always am. Let’s do it”.

Eloswag Reveal Why She Unfollow Her Love Chomzy On Instagram
Eloswag, a reality TV star and former housemate from Big Brother Naija season 7, recently discussed the reason why he stopped following Chomzy on social media.

It’s no secret that Chomzy and Eloswag had a fantastic first week as roommates in the Big Brother house and that they later confessed their emotions for one another. After leaving the BBN house, the two also decided to deepen their friendship. In some of his earlier interviews after BBNaija, Eloswag also confessed his love for Chomzy.

Moving forward, however, there have been conflicting reactions following the discovery that the two have stopped following one another on social media

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