I Don’t Want To Get Married Again But My Children Are Worried About My Sugar Daddy, I’m Available For Any Man Now— Regina Chukwu

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Popular Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu has said that she resolved to avoid relationships after the death of her husband seven years ago so she could concentrate on her work and children. In an exclusive interview with Punch Newspaper, the actress revealed this.

The actress claims that three years after her husband’s passing, she was forced to move in with her parents because she couldn’t afford to buy a new home. But after just buying a new house, she realized a lifelong desire.

When her late spouse passed away, she claimed that she thought she would never be married again. Her children are concerned because she is under increasing pressure to be married. She stated that she is open to anything positive that comes her way due of the pressure from her children.

I had previously stated that I did not want to get married again. But today, even my children are concerned for me and want me to try love. So let’s just say that I’m up for anything positive.” Added by the actress.

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