“God Please Heal Me, I don’t Want To Die”– Actress, Kemi Afolabi Is Seen Crying and Praying In Mecca(Video)

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Every time Kemi Afolabi posts a new video of herself on social media, her followers reply in kind. She is a Nigerian actress.

Kemi Afolabi shared a photo of herself praying in Mecca on her official Instagram profile.

The attractive actress, who is well-known with her attractiveness and avant-garde sense of style, accompanied the video with the following statement: “I ameen you all. Hasibiy Allahu Wa’nimal Wakeel”.

Kemi Afolabi posed in front of the revered Kaaba while wearing a black headscarf that complements her cloak.

The stunning actress prayed for all of her supporters while placing her palm on the Kaaba.

Many of Kemi Afolabi’s fans hurried to the comment section underneath the post as soon as the video went viral on the internet to express their agreement. You might find it interesting to look at the screen shots of their responses below.

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