“See As Baba Gb0la Stand Er#ct” – Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta Stir Reaction As He Share Love Up With With Arinola Odubela (Video)

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Arinola Odubela, a star of Yoruba movies, shared fresh images of herself with actor Ibrahim Chatta on Instagram. They appeared to be in a lovely mood together in the pictures that she posted on her Instagram page. Her followers responded immediately to her new post by expressing their opinions about it.

Around the actor this time, the actress appeared at ease and was beaming as they shared a tender moment. She showed up with a pretty hairstyle that accentuated her beauty. She painted her face with flawless cosmetics that matched the tone of her complexion. She showed up wearing a stunning gown that suited her well.

As they shot the pictures while standing, they exchanged hugs and pecks. They crossed paths on a film set when they were cast together to play lovers in the same film.

According to the comments and responses on her post, it is evident that her followers were moved to see the two of them in a loving mood together because they responded favorably to it. Others who are looking forward to the movie’s premiere also responded favorably to it.

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