It’s her first time omo Agba- Little girl trends while helping Grandmother to Peel Boiled eggs perfectly (Video)

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Beautiful little girl has gotten the hearts of Tiktokers after perfectly peeling eggs without scratches.

In a 37seconds video shared, The kids approached her Grandmother and asked her permission if she can peel the eggs with her and without hesitation, the girl deeped her hands into the bowl full of eggs and began to peel perfectly.
“Omo Agba. first time seeing her grandma peeling eggs and she did it perfect. Catch them young”. The video was captioned

Watch the video below………


Omo Agba🙌 first time seeing her grandma peeling eggs and she did it perfect😂😂 catch them young

♬ original sound – chipepper1

Hairdresser has bursted into tears after the client she plaited her hair ordered her to lose the braid she made for her.

In the video shared the lady narrated that she braided the hair for 3hours but the client was not satisfied with the style of the hair.
According to her, she said she showed the client the hair in the mirror but unfortunately it was not what she expected.
Watch the video below

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