“I warned my mother not to go live on social media about Baba Ijesha’s case, but she didn’t listen”- Iyabo Ojo’s daughter says

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Iyabo Ojo’s daughter Priscilla Ojo discusses how she felt when her mother posted about Baba Ijesha’s case on social media and how she felt ashamed after seeing her mother on “Real Housewives of Lagos.”

Priscilla Ojo confessed that she felt guilty when her mother engaged in unsavory behavior on public television during an interview with Stephanie Coker for her “Me, Her & Everything Else” podcast.

She said;

Yeah! I think it was when she got into a fight and then she was like [shouting], I’m already used to that but I was like mummy, don’t let people see this. Oh my goodness. Because when she gets angry, you’ll think she literally hates you but like that’s how she expresses herself. So I’m like mum, this is a family thing, don’t take it out there. So when it was out there, I was like “oh my god”. But then, you know, everybody has their own.

“You know that whole thing that happened between Baba Ijesha and all that, I spoke to my mother, I said “mum, don’t go live”. She said “oh it’s fine”. When I left, she locked the room. I was like “mum!” I was calling her, she’s like “don’t call me”, she blocked my number. Cuz me I’m the calm type, I don’t like social media drama so I was like mum, don’t do this. But I feel like she was fighting for the right cause.”

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