“God Did The Wonder In My Life”– I never imagined being able to breastfeed my twins

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Although it will be challenging, the kids will undoubtedly make the mother happy.

It is important to respect the individual breastfeeding journey of each woman. Any mother who has breastfed her child for a protracted amount of time feels emotional, regardless of how she has navigated her path. Some mothers savor this moment while others fight it. There are many challenges, but the benefits far outweigh the hardships. This young mother’s SMS message to us explains everything.

Since the first time I learned I was pregnant, I’ve always wanted to breastfeed. I’ve always told myself to give it everything I’ve got and that it’s okay if it doesn’t work because I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I really believe that nursing, whether from the breast or a bottle, is best.

I never imagined we would get this far; not in a million years. 355 days of tandem and exclusive nursing of my daughters. I never imagined that I would be able to breastfeed twins, but here we are, counting down to almost a year.

I’m unsure of how much longer we will go on because the girls’ birthday is coming up; we’ll decide that jointly. But I do know that it has required a lot of commitment, endurance, and tenacity, but we have come this far and are still going strong.

Instead of complimenting ourselves, we so readily body shame ourselves. My body’s ability to carry, deliver, and care for three infants makes me incredibly proud, astounded, and appreciative. Sleepless nights, clusterfeeding, and only occasionally being away from them for more than three hours in the past year have all been sacrifices, but they have all been so worthwhile. Nothing about it would have changed for the world.

Now that the girls are getting bigger, it’s getting harder. When they hold each other’s hands or something makes the two of them giggle, they look at each other and smile, and it’s a moment the three of us have that my heart can hardly bear, they are beginning to crawl, climb, and poke each other while feeding.

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Even though my body hasn’t been mine for the past year, I’ve never felt more confident or at peace with the person I’ve become. Although not for everyone and not always easy, it was what worked for us

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