“I have broken my last record” Toyin Abraham jubilates as Ijakumo grosses N136 million in 11days amid heavy criticisms

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Toyin Abraham keeps soaring high in spite of the negative reviews and scathing criticism for her most recent film, Ijakumo.

Toyin tweeted the exciting news of Ijakumo’s most recent success a few hours after she said she will be bringing the film to UK theaters.

Ijakumo, an 18-rated film, has surpassed Toyin’s previous record by reaching 136 million viewers in just 11 days, she announced with excitement.

The wife of Kolawole Ajeyemi remarked, “With her latest film, she has created a national treasure.

“I have broken my last record. Thanks to everyone who has seen Ijakumo.

136m in 11days for 18 rated movie. I made a national treasure.

Don’t forget IJAKUMO is still showing in all cinemas in Nigeria and yes it is a film you haven’t seen before cos it’s different, classy and tooooo sweet. Oya go to any cinema now and watch IJAKUMO”.

Toyin Abraham jubilates as ‘Ijakumo’ becomes the biggest drama of 2022
This is coming a week after, Toyin announced that Ijakumo grossed N31M.

In just three days of it release, Ijakumo had grossed 31million as well as become the biggest drama of 2022 and 2nd biggest indigenous language.

An elated Toyin took to Instagram to express her gratitude over the good news.

She wrote,

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you for a rated movie. 3 days. You people are all amazing. Thanks a lot and this means a lot to me. Oya today is another day to see. #ijakumo and pls tell other that IJAKUMO is showing in all cinemas in

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