“How can you be in a committed relationship for 5 years and not have s3x” Daddy Freeze queries, makes case for s3x among betrothed lovers-Alex Ekubo

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Daddy Freeze, a media figure, has commented on the story of Alex Ekubo and his split from Fancy Acholonu.

Following Fancy Acholonu’s shocking admission that she and the actor didn’t have any s3xual relations over the five years they dated, Daddy Freeze has offered his opinion.

The religious skeptic questioned why they would stay faithfully together for so long without engaging in s3xual activity.

Daddy Freeze emphasized that having s3x as a betrothed couple is not immoral, supporting his claims with scripture. Freeze is subtly urging couples who are engaged to have sex.

“How can you be in a committed relationship for 5 years and not have intercourse? The scriptural punishment for a man having intercourse with a virgin is that he must marry her. (Exodus 22:16).

The church concept of fornication was based on a ministration by King James, of the Greek word ‘nopveia’. Which meant sexual immorality. An engaged or betrothed couple having sex was not considered immorality”.

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