Popular Actress Linda Osifo Opens Up About Breakup She Experienced Earlier This Year

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Linda Osifo, a highly attractive and gifted actress from Nigeria, spoke candidly about how she too received breakfast earlier this year when appearing on Stephanie Coker’s podcast Me, Her & Everything Else. She also discussed the difficulties of dating while an actress and whether or not she would give up acting for the love of her life. Here are Linda Osifo’s words.

During her interview, Linda Osifo was asked: “I feel like there are so many job roles and so many jobs that people do but when it comes to females in certain roles especially acting, people don’t take it seriously in Nigeria. People don’t take the occupation seriously in the sense that they don’t respect the craft and what goes into it.” She said:

LINDA OSIFO: And a lot goes into it, you know! Not just in the physical work itself but the mental aspect. The sacrifice that you do have to put in. Like, a female, they would suffer from different areas such as relationships just because they are an actress.

Have you suffered from relationships just because of your job?”

LINDA OSIFO: Girl, yeah. I chopped breakfast recently. [fake cries] Tissue, tissue [laughs]. But really, yeah. Yeah. Fine girl too chop breakfast. Yes, we do. Just know that we do too.

“But did this being an actress really interfere with this breakfast that you chopped?”

LINDA OSIFO: Of course! Cuz your job is very hectic, and trust issues will always come in. People just don’t understand why a girl like you is still out by 2am shooting a movie. “Why are you shooting a movie?” I wish when the film comes out, on the screen of cinema, you will have like: This movie was shot 11:59, finished at 2:30am, location: Lagos [laughs]. That’s what comes with the field. And that’s like internal part of suffering, then you suffer from stereotypes of people having their own general mindset of thinking “okay this is generally what everyone does or everybody is this” even if, you know, it’s in that aspect but you can’t classify each person and then when you classify each person, who and who is the real actress now right? You just have to do what you really love doing.

“If you met the love of your life and he said I’m not going to serve you breakfast baby but I need you to stop this job that you’re doing. Would you give up your job to settle down with someone?”

LINDA OSIFO: Would I give up my job to settle down with someone, now question: did he meet me as an actress?


LINDA OSIFO: Did he meet me as a working, functioning actor, and did my personality have any form of impact or any form of reasoning of how he met me because I’m sure he’s like “ooo, that beautiful girl on the TV, oh I love her smile.” Did he? And if he did, then I think the answer is there by itself.

“Capital N.O”

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