“Na You Sabi, Don’t tell people what to do, We are Proud that we are F@t” – Actress Monalisa Stephen sl@ms Teni for sharing weight loss journey

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Nollywood actress and body positivity advocate, Monalisa Stephen has slammed singer, Teni for sharing her weight loss journey

Recall that Teni revealed why she embarked on a weight loss journey. According to the ‘Billionaire’ crooner,  she realised that her excessive weight gain could lead to death. She started working on shredding off her weight.

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Reacting to Teni’s weight loss journey, Monalisa noted that it is not in Teni’s place to tell people what to do with their bodies. Speaking for herself, she noted that she doesn’t think of herself as being unhealthy because she is fat.

She wrote: “It’s not in your place to tell people what to do with their bodies. Lose weight if it’s affecting you but don’t assume I am unhealthy because I am fat. Fat is not the problem, fat stigma is”.

“Stop putting fat people up for dragging. We just living like everyone. Lose weight but stop the BS”.

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