Family buys long school bus for N2m, converts it to flat, installs kitchen cabinet, beds to look like “palace”

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Online, a woman shared how her family paid N2 million to purchase an abandoned bus and transform it into a flat.

The woman said that they had invested more than $20,000 (N8,932,600) in turning the bus into a home for the family.

Many TikTokers who briefly observed the bus’ inside remarked that it was a significant cost-saving measure.

A family named @roamwithbus made the decision to buy an old school bus and turn it into their house in order to save money. They worked on it for many hours to see it through. They bought the car for $4,500 (N2,009,835), and then they started working. The family’s mother claimed they spent $1,250 (N558,287.50) on outside supplies including paints.

Beautiful bus conversion For lumbers and counters, they paid $3,732 (N1,666,823.16). Electrical and appliances gulped $8,106 (N3,620,382.78). They had to part away with $1,342 (N599,377.46) for plumbing work.

To make the interior of the bus cool, they spent $2,125 (N949,088.75), bringing their total conversion cost to $21,055 (N9,403,794.65). The woman said that it is cheap, considering that they spent $22,500 (N10,049,175) a year on rent.

Watch the video below:

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