“Why your birthday is always a great day for the entire household” Adebayo Salami writes letter to son, Femi Adebayo on his birthday

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As his son, Femi Adebayo, turns 44 today, December 31, seasoned actor Adebayo Salami has written him a letter.

The delighted father explained why the entire Adebayo family always enjoys celebrating his son’s birthday.

He claims that Femi Adebayo’s birthday occurs on the last day of the year, when the entire family comes together to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments they have made as a family during the year.

Femi Adebayo wrote in a tribute to his son’s resilience and existence,

“Dear son,

Your birthday is always a great day of celebration for the entire household because it falls on the last day of the year. When we all gather to recount and celebrate the greatnesses achieve as a family in the year.

I celebrate your strengths and existence. Happy birthday AbdulLateef Femi Adebayo. Barakallah alayka”.

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