“They Said The Incantations I Chant While Acting Is The Source Of My Misfortune and Been Poor”-Actor Alebiosu

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Adewale Alebiosu, a well-known Yoruba actor, was interviewed by Punch Newspaper today and discussed his experiences working in the Nollywood sector.

They claimed that some of the incantations I chant while acting have negative effects on my life, according to actor Adewale Alebiosu. They claimed that my bad luck might be related to the chants. He continued, “After a thrilling performance, I occasionally experienced strange nightmares in the lodgings I frequent.

When discussing how he rose to fame, he said, “it was due to the way I combined comedy with incantations. People think of me as a humorous herbalist. Well, I picked up the incantations from Fatai Adetayo, also known as “Lalude” today. My parents at the time were against me starting an acting career, but my dad’s siblings convinced him to let me.”

Actor Alebiosu explained why he continues to play the traditionalist: “The people who constantly claim they want me to fill that role are the ones who call me about jobs. They enjoy watching me recite incantations.”

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