Queen Of The Queen, Nigerians Praise Pretty Old Woman Who Was Spotted Doing Make-Up To Attract New Lover (Video)

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Users of TikTok continue to be in awe of an old woman after she posted a video of herself online. The elderly woman could be seen applying lipstick and loving her reflection in the video.

The TikTok user known as user7944315104813 published a video that went viral online after people noticed how meticulously she applied lipstick to her lips and how she looked in the mirror afterward.

She offered admirers a lovely smile after noticing how amazing she looked in the mirror. Due to the fact that it appears like the elderly woman remembered her younger years and how radiant she was in comparison to now, as soon as the video became viral, many users decided to draw some moral lessons from it

Also, her smiles in the video have reminded young people that they will not remain young forever. Young user’s who have come across the video took to the comment section to say how beautiful the woman is despite her old age.


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See Netizens Reactions to the video 

 @akirordina002@gmail.com said: “In Uganda, I don’t know how to explain.”

@maryan reacted: “Beautiful grand ma.”

@Ed.w.a.r.d.ug said: “That’s where we are going ba pipo. Let’s respect age.”

@user9021126715884 commented: “Queen of the queens.”

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