“I don’t need any man, My cucumber is enough for me” — Tiktoker declares in a viral video

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Nigerian celebrity took to the internet on Thursday night to share her love of cucumbers.

asserting vehemently that cucumbers serve her better than gbola.
With little cap, watch the video here

Young Lady set The  internet Ablaze as she Shared Photos Of Her 185k in a unclad outfits

Reca that Social media trends can emerge for a number of reasons, such as when someone posts something newsworthy, humorous, or contentious.

Additionally, a person might be trending merely as a result of their substantial social media following and a post that their followers found interesting or engaging.

In the end, the cause of a person trending on social media can differ and isn’t always obvious.

In addition to her raunchy attire, a young Nigerian woman has made headlines for the outrageous price she claimed to have paid for it.

She uploaded the photo probably in an effort to attract men, but some women later came to her timeline to criticize her for wearing immodest clothing. The criticized woman responded by claiming that the outfit cost her 185k naira.

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