“God Spare me ooo, This Your Gb0la Is Too Big” – Hook Up Girl Ran After Seeing The ‘Gb0la’ Of Her Client (watch video)

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One of the most difficult jobs in the world is working in the s3x industry. Women who work in these fields encounter many strange people and go through a lot.

They don’t talk about their daily struggles, but they find it challenging to meet new guys every day who have large, medium-sized, and a variety of cassavas.

A drunk girl can be seen running away from a customer who is chopping her in a video taken from the second floor. After a few minutes, she gave up because she was unable to accept the cassava.

Watch The Video Below;

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Single Mother of one Shares Video of Son’s bad Condition after She Allowed Him Stay with his father

A single mother bemoaned the unexpected changes her son underwent after meeting his father on social media.

The Nigerian woman claimed that after 15 years of raising the son, he began to bug her for permission to visit his father.

She finally approved his request, saying that although he arrived there in good health, the person she now sees is only a pale imitation of him.

After her son started losing the ability to use his legs and perform simple tasks after meeting his father, a Nigerian woman turned to the internet for assistance.

The single mother described raising her son Wisdom by herself for 15 years. She said that family issues caused the separation between her and his father.

She remembered how the lead berated her for her consent to visit Wisdom’s father on September 8, 2019, and she ultimately gave up.

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