“This Is distasteful and disturbing, is your sister”– Reaction As Man flogs slay Queen Like For Stepping Out Dressed in short and Revealing clothes [Video]

  • December 31, 2022
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video that documents the moment a man intervened to correct a scantily dressed woman on the street has gone viral on social media.

The man, a well-known comedian and content creator in Nigeria, was seen riding a motorbike when he stopped to speak to the woman who was walking toward him.

The woman was dressed in an orange matching outfit, and her miniskirt fell just below her butts, exposing most of her breasts and cleavage.

She was told to go home and change into more appropriate clothing by the man who approached her, but she initially displayed defiance and slapped him in the face.

After a few minutes of argument, he pulled out a whip and whipped the unnamed woman like a high school student until she complied.

As a result of differing opinions among users, the video has sparked conflicting reactions on social media.

For what some have called an assault and a violation of the woman’s rights, some people have expressed outrage and condemned the man.

Others have praised him for taking the initiative to rid the streets of women who were inappropriately dressed and exposing their bodies in an effort to draw men.

Below are some comments in reaction to the video

Yungmania: This is harassment if you are supporting the guy then something is wrong with you

Yahya: I wish Nigeria is full of youths like this, I like this guy for real

Queen: I don’t understand why he’s flogging her? Is he her elder brother or boyfriend or father?

Momo: I find this video distasteful and disturbing. I pray he meets a very violet woman someday. Nonsense!!!

Emenike: Lol, Bro I rather mind my own business bro as far as she no be my sis or babe I’m good

Isaac: The society is now allowing rubbish all in disguise of it’s their life mind your business..

Utch: In as much he acted inappropriately, but ladies try get car if you have to dress in a certain way.

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