Single father who sleeps on bare floor with his 4 children get favour from a good Samaritan who provides him bed

  • December 31, 2022
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After learning about the poor living conditions his family was in, a Good Samaritan decided to assist the single father.

The man and his four kids had been sleeping on the bare floor in their house for years because he couldn’t afford a mattress.

His experience was posted through a social media platform, and other users on the open forum showed sympathy for him.

social media user decided to buy the guy and his children a mattress, pillows, and a bed sheet because they were unhappy having to sleep on the floor.

To make sure the family has a cozy location to lie down, the father brought the stuff to them.

The good Samaritan shared before and after pictures of the guy with his children after they received the bed and claimed that he slept soundly after learning that the family wouldn’t have to sleep on the bare floor any more.

He said:

“I slept so well last night knowing that this beautiful family is no longer sleeping on the floor. It can only be God”.

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