“I lost my mind to find myself again, 2022 was a rollercoaster year” Actress Chacha Eke reflects on the things she lost in 2022

  • December 31, 2022
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Nollywood actress Chacha Eke is taking stock of the year just like many other people.

As 2023 approaches, Chacha Eke has compiled a list of everything she lost in 2022. She stated that she lost her mind, items she didn’t need anymore, and individuals who thought her life was gone while comparing the year to a roller coaster.

Chacha Eke is thankful that even though she has fallen numerous times, she would always get back up since her God hasn’t abandoned her.

Dammit 2022 you had my heart in my mouth.

Yes indeed was a roller coaster year.
I lost my mind to find myself again.
I lost things I thought I don’t need anymore.
I lost people who believed it was over for me.

Looking back now, all I have in my heart is gratitude. I’m grateful that my “Chi” is steadily playing “Catch” with me

9times I fall but I get up 10times.

That said, Thank you 2022.
I’m ready now. Roll in 2023.
If it ever gets stormy, rocky, oceanic, mountainous…. It won’t even matter!!
Bravery is an accessory that I wear so flamboyantly.

You know what my babies. 2023 is right around the corner. Let’s make that jump!! I’ll see you there. God bless everyone”.

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