“What is this You are Wearing, Don’t Spoil our Children” – Fans React to Actress Regina Chukwu Body Revealing Outfit

  • December 30, 2022
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Regina Chukwu, an actress in Nollywood, sparked debate after appearing in suggestive clothing.

She uploaded a video of herself looking stunning in a short attire. Online, the actress’s followers have become divided as a result of the video.

So something happened today that took me back memory lane, abt 18yrs back and all I could do is smile and thank God for how far I have come we might not be where we want to be but I am sure not where I used to be to some, it’s nothing but to me it’s a big deal …. You want me to share the story ??? Y’all knw when I start it’s alway a loooonnng epistle
Just let me knw if you wanna hear the gist cos trust me you will Learn one or two and at the Sametime be entertained with a garnish of Emotional something

Oya drop a comment

Meanwhile see that skin? Na @tripplerglow be my skin plug for over 4yrs now, no stretch mark, no yamayama on my skin. @TRIPPLERGLOW sabi work no be small oya follow them

Actress Regina Chukwu Acquired Multimillionaire Mansion

Recall that Regina Chukwu, has received congratulations from her peers, fans, and followers on the acquisition of a new, magnificent home. She posted a lovely photo of her new home on her Instagram page. The picture showed the stunning actress and her two adult children standing in front of her home. She deserves a hearty congratulations.

God, she claimed in her post, was responsible. Regina and her children are present to express their gratitude to the Most High. She continued by saying that her children now have a home of their own. After losing their father three years prior, Regina Chukwu recalled that they were forced to return to her father’s home because she was no longer able to afford the rent. That was 20 years ago. She expressed her gratitude to God for this year’s journey by coming forward to express it. Thank you so much, and don’t forget her adopted children Ifoma, Emma, Chinoye, and Chidera.

She Wrote an Emotional History On how she Lost Everything When Are Husband Is death.


REGINA AND HER KIDS are right here to give all thanks back to the MOST HIGH
I am all sort of emotion this morning, having contemplated if I should post this here or not, it’s took me a whole lot of thinking before posting this (y’all know I don’t bring my ish to the gram) But I remember widows like me I could be encouraging with this win 20 yrs after I was left with this kids alone, I am able to give them their own house

Yes I did it!

My kids finally have a house they can call their OWN
I remember how we had to move back to my fathers house 3 yrs after I lost their father (cos I couldn’t pay the rent no more) it’s been 20yrs now
I remember how we had to manage with my 5 biological siblings and 3 other adopted kids ( of my parents)
I remember how I had to sleep out side with my mosquito net just cos the house was too hot for me
I remember how my kids grew tru it all
I remember everything right now as all dem’ memories are rushing back as I typed this right now

Even the situation we live in righ now (as we are yet to move into the new house ) so many people won’t believe it I just wanna thank the kind of children God has blessed me with I want to thank my kind of parents and siblings ( let me talk abt them in the next post)
I want to thank my adopted kids (ifoma, Emma,chinoye and chidera) hmmm this one’s ehen, I have a lot to say but for now

Thank you God 12 month journey and I am here to say I AM GRATEFUL

Celebrities like Motilola and Bimbo Afolayan, as well as their fans and followers, have poured their congratulations into the comments section.

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