Somebody Son Should Not Try To Get Me Pregnant– Yetunde Bakare Says As She Share Her Transformation Picture

  • December 30, 2022
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competent Nollywood Yetunde Bakare, a Yoruba actress and film producer who recently returned from a vacation in the United Kingdom, posted adorable photos of herself on her Instagram page to flaunt her weight loss. She smiled and was visibly happy as she posed for the camera in the beautiful pictures.

Given that she has been posting adorable photos of herself playing and cooking on Instagram, it is clear that the stunning actress is thoroughly enjoying her vacation there and enjoying wonderful moments.

She shared updated photos of herself and stated that no one should try to conceive her because she had worked so hard to lose weight and regain her shape.

Yetunde Bakare, who has won several awards for her work in Nollywood, is a well-known public figure, scriptwriter, movie producer, director, and filmmaker. She is also a mother, an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador, and a brand influencer with about 144,000 followers. She is one of the most well-known and talented actresses in the business, and she excels at both acting and playing roles. Any movie character can be portrayed by her. Without a doubt, Yetunde is a major force in the sector.

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