She’s So Disrespectful,R#de And Ungrateful For Everything I Did For Her— Destiny Etiko Says As She Finally Dumps Her Adopted Daughter, Chineye.

  • December 29, 2022
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Recently, Chineye, the adopted daughter of popular award-winning actress Destiny Etiko, was abandoned.

If you recall, Chineye first gained attention when she publicly declared her love for the actress during one of Destiny Etiko’s visits to her hometown.

Following her outward display of love for Destiny Etiko, the videos quickly gained popularity on social media. Chineye pleaded with Destiny Etiko to get in touch with her and her household. Destiny Etiko eventually adopted her after contacting her family and winning their hearts.

The actress could be seen expressing herself and explaining why she dumped her adopted daughter in a video that Destiny Etiko posted online. The actress claimed that her adopted daughter was unappreciative and disrespectful.

Destiny Etiko not only dumped Chineye, but she also stopped following her on Instagram.

Destiny Etiko posted a picture of her recently adopted daughter on her Instagram story a while back. She still has a young daughter who she recently adopted. Destiny Etiko claims that she has been preparing the girl for a while.

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