She No Even Get Shame” See Moment As Husband Catches Wife Boarding Flight With Another Man After She Claimed To Be Visiting Her Sister For Christmas

  • December 29, 2022
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When a man ran into his wife at the airport as she attempted to board a flight to an unidentified location with another man, a serious fight broke out.

The lady husband approached his wife and her boyfriend while they were holding hands and making out in the check-in area, and she asked her who the man was.

She hurriedly informed her husband that he was her brother in a shaky voice, but he yelled that she was lying and claimed to be familiar with all of her brothers.

Later, he berated her and questioned her about what she was doing with him despite the fact that she had led him to believe she was leaving on vacation to visit her sisters.

He then questioned the man he saw with his wife and asked who is he and the nature of his relationship with his wife, When the woman eventually summoned courage, she said she has been chatting with the guy for two months and they’d gotten close.

She then accused her husband of being the reason she cheated because he was not giving her enough attention.

See social media user’s reactions to the video

Sis said, you haven’t been showing me attention so I decided to move on love that!!

— Lorato Molema (@IamLoratoMolema) December 27, 2022

I love it too! Admitting to adultery on camera, makes the divorce case so much easier…good luck collecting a settlement or alimony Keisha

— DJ Ajax @djajaxsf on IG/twitch (@djajax) December 27, 2022

Y’all better stop defending this trash, any woman that moves like this is trash. You have a husband, you idiots shouldn’t walk down the aisle if you can’t take hard times in a relationship. Best believe I’m going to embarrass you for years to come.

— Dom (@Underrated_Dom) December 28, 2022

When she said “that’s my brother” pic.twitter.com/RGGNtT96pe

— Stevie G (@StevieGrainger) December 27, 2022

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