“God Please Save Portable Life”– Scary Moment Portable Arrived On Stage Inside A Coffin At His Show

  • December 29, 2022
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One of the most contentious Nigerian artists, Portable, the Zazuu Crooner, just performed a remarkable act at his show. Yesterday, he performed at the Fela Shrine, and many of his industry peers, including Candybleaks and Seriki, came to show their support. The way Portable entered the stage, however, was the highlight of the performance.

With the individuals who brought the coffin backstage, he has already worked out a plan. Then he was seen explaining to them how the entire idea will work. The coffin was covered and brought to the stage after he had finished lying inside it. He alone is aware of the rationale for this idea.

This drew comments because many people thought his unique stage entrance had gone too far.

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See The Beautiful Girl Who Want To Sleep With Portable

A young woman from Nigeria has expressed her desire to sleep with controversial singer Portable from Nigeria.
She would like a taste of Portable’s enormous manh00d because it seems to her that he has one.

“I just seen this video of Portable performing,” she wrote in a TikTok post, “and I don’t know whether my eyes are playing tricks on me, but he appears like he got a big D.”

Nigerian social media users’ reactions to the video have been mixed, with some criticizing her and others praising her for being “real” about what she wants.

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