Genoveva Umeh Opens up About Famous Dance Scene in ‘Far From Home’

  • December 29, 2022
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The recently released young adult television series Far From Home on Netflix is the talk of the town in the Nigerian entertainment industry right now. People all over the world have been watching and adoring the show as it has swept Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world by storm. The dance performed by one of the show’s characters, Zina, truly stood out and started trending on social media sites including Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram.

The dance done by Zina played by actress Genoveva Umeh was done in the show for a cheerleading audition, and since then, people online have gone on to react to the dance, recreate the dance, and basically make the dance a viral sensation.

During an interview with Pulse Nigeria, actress Genoveva Umeh opened up about the dance, as well as how it felt to play the character of Zina and how she got the role on the show. Here is what Genoveva had to say about it all.

Speaking about how she got the role, Genoveva Umeh said:

I auditioned in 2020, but I didn’t get the job. Luckily, the production started up again, and then I got the call to audition for the same character. I did my audition, then, in a few days, I had a conversation with the Inkblot team, and they informed me that I got the role. I was ecstatic. I was over the moon. So, that’s how we got started. I was so excited that we were having like a school setting. So, I was really excited to be on a project with Netflix. The story is great as well.

Speaking about playing the character of Zina, Genoveva said:

For Zina, she’s young, and I literally think she puts the Z in Gen Z. I have a lot of young people around me, so it was just looking at their Snapchats, the way they work. The difference with Zina is that she’s a confident young person. So, it was nice to just come into work with great energy always because she was the life of the party. Good vibes. You know, free-spirited but also loyal. I loved that about her. It was good to play that, so I just had fun with her.

Speaking about the famous dance, Genoveva said:

I enjoyed her choreography. I enjoyed the cheerleading scenes, scenes with her other musketeers, Ishaya and Frank. Scenes where they are in the dining hall, and the party scenes as well. She is really the life of the party and she’s like friends with everybody and a joy to be around. It was good to have that on the screen with the rest.

I loved the cheerleading scene. I hired a choreographer on set, then we rehearsed a couple of times and shot the scene.

Well, now the dance is a viral sensation and Genoveva is enjoying a lot of good press from it. The actress is really on the right path towards becoming the next big Nollywood star. What did you think about Genoveva’s dance in Far From Home, and why do you think about the show as a whole?

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