“It seems like Mummy of Lagos is pregnant” Crossdresser Bobrisky new look at an event sparks commotion ( Watch Video)

  • December 28, 2022
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Idris Okuneye, a Nigerian crossdresser better known online as Bobrisky, recently changed up his appearance while attending an event.

The so-called Barbie recently seemed bloated while attending a function. Bobrisky appeared to have gained a significant amount of weight because he was so unlike himself at the occasion.

Since then, the video has stirred responses, with many people wondering whether the crossdresser is expecting.

One celebrity likes fashion wrote, “Seems like this man is taking some hormonal drugs for him to look more feminine. That can make him put on weight.

One Eugene Sen wrote, “This boy don fan well well o.

One Adewumi wrote, “Bob don get belle oo

One Frosh norsh wrote, “When everyday shim dey drink Milo and peak milk why shim no go fat

One Tinnel skincare nigeria write, “Bob head just dey big. E too dey chop

One Bee Vibee wrote, “Bib is pregnant? See his face is swollen

One Miz Kochie wrote, “Mummy of Lagos looks pregnant

One Grace found me always wrote, “Bobrisky looks pregnant his face especially”.

Bobrisky’s increasing weight, doesn’t come as a surprise to many as the Crossdresser has been trying hard be a female.

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