“I have been single for 4years and was divorced when I met Ifeoma” Paul Okoye opens up on his new relationship (Video)

  • December 28, 2022
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Paul Okoye, an afrobeat artist and one half of the musical duo, has made an intriguing admission regarding his split from his wife Anita Okoye and his current relationship.

Many people were perplexed by the singer’s claim that he has been single for four years during an Instagram live session.

Recall that a year after Anita filed for divorce, Paul and Anita’s divorce was recently finalize

Paul claimed that he and Anita were divorced for a very long period and that he had been single for 4 years.

When Paul first met his current girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma, he was open about the fact that he had recently had a divorce.

Paul advised individuals who were wondering if he would wed Ifeoma to hold off until they received their IVPs.

He added that he has love for all the trolls despite their mean comments.

“You know me I do keep things private. I have been single for 4years and I have been divorced for a long time. I have been divorced before I met Ifeoma. If I would marry her, wait till I send you IV.

To all the trolls I still love you”.

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