“Why Are You Always Acting As A Bad Guy, Always One Type of Role?” – Bolanle Ninalowo Responds

  • December 27, 2022
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Bolanle Ninalowo, who plays Oga Rambo in the most recent Netflix teen drama series, Far From Home, is currently a familiar face to viewers everywhere. His character is a villain, and Bolanle Ninalowo is widely recognized for playing villains. There is a lot of discussion about whether Bolanle Ninalowo is being typecast since he performs it so well and because it is the kind of character that people constantly seeing him in these days.

The actor claims it is what he wants, so there. Bolanle Ninalowo addressed the criticism of him only taking on one kind of job and the idea of being typecast in the following interview. He said the following.

Speaking about being typecast and the criticism of him only acting one type of role, Bolanle Ninalowo said:

I guess you know it’s how I’ve painted myself. I’m a product, I’m selling something. So what you see is what I’ve created and God has blessed for me. Tomorrow I can switch it again then I put in the work to get that done as well. But for now, as it is, what I’m doing right now with ‘Far From Home’ started about seven years ago. It was a dream from seven years ago that just manifested through ‘Far From Home’ now. I get the expression that I see myself, I look in the mirror I see a bad guy. And there’s nothing as good as you selling what you see of yourself to people. It becomes seamless. I in the beginning did not want to accept that because I didn’t want people to see me as what I’m not because I’m really not a bad guy. I think I’m a really cool guy. I’m a big baby, people don’t know. But I’m all about the audience. I’m all about what you’re buying. So if you see it as this is what it is, then I have to capitalize on that. I’m the one that goes where the audience flow, I always tell people I’m not a director or producer’s actor, I’m a people’s actor. It’s business.

Speaking about playing the role of Rambo in ‘Far From Home’, Bolanle Ninalowo said:

I loved playing Rambo. The character was and is a blessing, one that I patiently prayed and waited for after carefully analyzing and understanding my audience and market over the years of building my brand and career. I am one who fully understands the importance of “Image, Type and Essence” as part of the success drivers of an actor with regards to building and developing my brand as an actor. The Oga Rambo character totally fulfills my thirst and hunger for more! Viewers should watch Rambo as I believe that its a particular role type that I personally bring to life that will entertain them in every ramification. I have worked tirelessly hard over the years to build a brand which evolves around this type of delivery and mastered a unique way of connection between the audience and myself which has given me my place in their hearts and also the industry at large. It is a remarkable act that I am blessed with which totally eliminates comparisons.

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